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Case Of The Policy Maker

Case Of The Policy Maker

Broadcast: 21st December 1947
Added: Dec 21 2010
It is a beautiful afternoon early in November and along a section of deserted highway an open car moves toward the hills in the distance. In the car are Harvey Craig a candidate for the state senate in the coming elections and Julia Prentiss his fiancée of a few weeks. Suddenly another car comes from behind and cuts them off. They accuse Harvey Craig of being a hit and run killer. Believing he is being set up by the men and a friend of theirs, Craig goes back to the body in the road to discover he is dead. The two men then produce a life insurance policy from the dead man’s pocket, which states Harvey Craig as the beneficiary. The two men tell Harvey Craig that if he pays them $50,000 they will make the body disappear. Harvey Craig afraid of what they may do to him and Julia pays them the money and then goes to Nick Carter for help.