Candy Matson

Candy Matson

Starring as the chic yet tough San Francisco detective is Natalie Masters. She plays a woman who is sexy and sassy but not simply a pretty face. Good humored and beautiful, the female protagonist of the series is not intimidated by the bad guys she encounters and is always capable of producing a clever and caustic response after dealing with threats or bullets. Henry Leff plays the understated love interest and we eventually hear him pop the question in the last of the series’ episodes, letting us know that we have heard Candy’s final case.
Broadcast: 4th April 1949
Starring: Natalie Masters
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Broadcast: July 7, 1949
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Broadcast: October 3, 1949
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Broadcast: 21st May 1951
Starring: Natalie Masters
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Broadcast: September 21, 1952
Starring: Natalie Masters
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