Call Me Patrice, They

Call Me Patrice, They

Broadcast: 12th December 1946
Starring: Susan Peters
Added: Dec 06 2007
It was on the train that Helen first met Patrice. Helen’s divorce was all over and done with and she was on her way back from San Francisco. Patrice was one of those open and friendly girls who’d give you their life history at the drop of a hat. Patrice was on her way with her new husband Hugh to meet his wealthy family whom she had never met before; they didn’t even have a picture of her. Patrice told Helen that she didn’t have any family. While in the washroom on the train Patrice asked Helen to hold her ring which was engraved with the words Hugh & Patrice and even told her to try it on. At that moment the train crashed and the next thing Helen knew was that she was waking in hospital two days later still wearing the ring. The nurse thinking that Helen was Patrice tells her that her friend is dead and that her husband is also dead. Helen takes on the identity of Patrice and becomes the daughter-in-law of a wealthy Californian family.