Bwana Simba

Bwana Simba

Broadcast: Not Known
Starring: Don Douglas
Added: Mar 03 2011
Bwana Simba is a title the native boys of Africa give to any white man who shoots a lion fairly and cleanly. It’s a gesture of mild respect, only when they gave Louie Condon the title of Bwana Simba it meant something else. Louie Condon knew his way round New York City he boasted he could make or break any running for political office. The only thing certain about him was he’d made a million dollars without breaking his back with hard work. John Steele met him in Africa in Nairobi, Kenya him and his wife. Louie had run true to form, he wanted a beautiful wife and he looked for her in show business and came up with a real doll named Gwen St. Clare.