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Bushwackers Feud

Bushwackers Feud

Broadcast: April 22, 1949
Added: Jun 09 2023

Jeff Carson, a cattleman in his early sixties, rode slowly across a valley. As he neared a heavy growth of mesquite, a shotgun roared twice. As Carson pitched to the ground, the ambusher leaped to the saddle of his own horse and raced to the concealment of the nearby mountains. He was scarcely out of sight when another rider approached. The newcomer was a younger man, who bore a close resemblance to the one who lay motionless on the ground. He drew his horse to a halt and dismounted beside the inanimate body. His Dad was fatally injured, but he had seen the man who had shot him. It was a man who he'd had quarrel with years back - Reb Reynolds - and he managed to tell his son the man's name, and extract a promise of revenge, before he passed away in his son's arms. Later the next day, Reb arrived back at his ranch, where he was accosted by his daughter, who knew exactly where he'd been, and she was going to find out exactly what he'd been doing. In the meantime, word got out that Don Carson was looking for the man who had killed his father, and after hearing about the murder, the Lone Ranger and Tonto headed out to investigate the scene of the crime, where they found a valuable clue to identify the murderer...