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Book 133, Chapter 62 - Betty Drops A Bombshell

Book 133, Chapter 62 - Betty Drops A Bombshell

Broadcast: March 26, 1959
Added: May 09 2022

It's 9:15pm now at Jack Barbour's house, across the hedge from the Barbour family home in Seacliff, San Francisco. Jack finds Betty looking at him quizzically, fit to burst with some news to tell him, but as they're never alone anymore she's had to hold it in all this time... She excitedly begins to relay the story to Jack, that this afternoon, Greta dropped in and was talking to Betty about her wedding to Hank, when she spotted Pinky in the garden. There's nothing unusual about that - except for the fact that Greta blushed when she saw him... Why would she blush? Betty is convinced that she is still in love with Pinky!