Blind Vengeance

Blind Vengeance

Broadcast: 21st March 1949
Starring: John Larkin
Added: May 08 2004
"I can't imagine what they might be but I suppose there are worse things than being blind. Maybe one of those things is death; maybe death is worse than blindness, I don't know. When you can see there are a lot of little things you take for granted. Striking a match and bringing it unwaveringly to the tip of your cigarette, buttering a crust of bread neatly, eating soup without spluttering it all over everything. But when you're blind you know you're been sloppy and you wish you weren't, but you wouldn't be expected to know. I was 30 when it happened and I did everything rather well. I loved driving; I loved long, sleek, expensive, fast cars. It's a wonderful feeling doing seventy in a fast car on a smooth road especially when your wife is beside you..."