Black Parchment, The

Black Parchment, The

Broadcast: 27th May 1945
Starring: Various
Added: Nov 05 2007

Raphael Roland was an author and fool who found life too bitter to endure and went down to the river to end his life. However, he ends up saving the life of a drowning doctor who has found life too sweet to give up. The doctor invites him to his house with a promise to repay him beyond his wildest dreams. He gives him an instrument by which he can gain the riches he desires in the form of a parchment. By possessing the parchment he must will his life to it. Should he possess anything all he must do is wish for it and the wish will be granted but with the granting of each wish the parchment will shrink and when it disappears it is said that the owner will dieā€¦