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Bell and the Baby, The

Bell and the Baby, The

Broadcast: September 16th 1954
Added: Dec 09 2013

"Dr Ray Matson MD was the gun  toting doctor who roamed the length and breadth of the old Indian territory. Friend and physician to white man and Indian alike, the symbol of justice and mercy in the lawless west of the 1870's, this legendary figure was known to all as Dr. Sixgun..."

Pablo the gypsy pedlar tells the story  which began twelve years ago when his friend Dr Sixgun was called to ranch of Colonel Rigsby. The patient was his daughter Samantha Rigsby who had just returned from boarding school in the east and was about to give birth to a baby. Samantha had a baby boy and wanted to name him after her husband Bert Cain. Bert had run away from the responsibility of having a child. Her father always knew he was no good. 

When Young Bert was 11 years old and his grandfather had passed away, Bert Cain senior turned up in town looking for the Rigsby Ranch. This was a complete surprise to Samantha as she believed her husband had died in war but Bert was so happy to finally have a father and was missing his Grandfather.