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Baritone's Plight, The

Baritone's Plight, The

Broadcast: April 30, 1941
Added: Aug 31 2023

Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa welcome you to another hour of mirth and melody! After a quick opening joke or two, the episode starts with a question... What's Jack Benny up to?! Well, it seems that Jack's 'ten years on radio' anniversary is being celebrated, and eulogized from coast to coast. Obviously Fred wants to mark the occasion too - only on his program the truth will be told about Jack Benny - and instead of an anniversary, it will be a panniversary! Next up, the highlights from the news of the week - asking what do strap-hangers think of the new advertising in the subways? The Texaco Workshop Players perform the final episode of the artistic career of a non-descript concert singer, titled The Baritone's Plight.