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Balancing The Books

Balancing The Books

Broadcast: January 2, 1949
Added: Jan 31 2022

Lum is trying to sort out the books after Abner has made mistakes in the bookkeeping. He says the only choice they have is go in to voluntary bankruptcy or keep Abner away from the books. But Abner has made two new years resolutions which will take care of that, number one, he resolves not to get in to any fights in 1949 and number two he resolves not to make any more mistakes!  Lum has no faith in him keeping the resolutions so Abner bets him twenty dollar that he can. Lum has so little faith Abner that he makes the bet last only twelve hours! Let's see what happens...


Toward the end of 1948 the continuous story daily episodes of Lum and Abner (my favorites) were replaced with a new 30-minute sit-com show in front of a live audience complete with a full orchestra and sometimes some other cast members.