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Audition Program

Audition Program

Broadcast: 15th February 1950
Added: Jan 12 2014

This is a story of the golden west as it was more than a hundred years ago, a land of mystery and intrigue, a romantic paradise where the dames and señoritas held their ancient customs while rubbing elbows with rugged american frontiersmen and pioneers, where lace trimmed handkerchiefs from Barcelona were carried next to the heart and the crude buckskin jackets. The territory was a melting pot, quiet on the surface like the pacific but torn with undercurrents and rip tides. It was a restless and growing land  where the strong made their own laws and the weak obeyed or perished . 

This is the saga of Brad Carver, a fabulous man in a fabulous land . Some called him an angel, some called him a devil and many claimed that he never lived at all but the story of Brad Carver is as colorful and exciting as were his roaring guns and flashing rapier as he cut a flaming swath through this glorious land...