Arsenic And Old Lace

Arsenic And Old Lace

Broadcast: 6th July 1952
Added: Feb 27 2010

Comedy thriller in which Mortimer, a dramatic critic on a New York newspaper discovers his two old aunts are quite insane! When he visits his sweet little aunties Abby and Martha to tell them the good news that he is going to marry Elaine Harper he discovers a dead body in the window seat. Shocked that his aunts are not surprised he learns that they have been killing lonely old men and they consider it an act of charity! So far they have killed 12 old gentlemen and Mortimer’s cousin Teddy, himself a little insane has been burying them in the cellar for his aunties. The aunties also have another nephew, Jonathan who likes to kills people so that he can use their faces to change his own. The next time the aunts see Jonathan he looks like Boris Karloff. Oh dear it seems the whole of Mortimer’s family is crazy.

Edited by: John Chapman

Author :Joseph Kesselring