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Arizonas Adeline Gray

Arizonas Adeline Gray

Broadcast: September 4, 1947
Added: Sep 11 2014

The true and inspiring story of a great-hearted woman and a great-hearted land - Arizona's Aunt Adeline Gray. A woman of fire and steel, warmth and tenderness. A woman who knew her own greatness and dared to live up to it! The year is 1868, and the wagon trains are rolling across the lands baked by the sun of the western desert. Ahead lies a vast valley of cactus and sand, but right now, a young woman's fingers tighten around the man's calloused hands, halting him. They're supposed to be catching up with the wagon train, but Adeline Gray sees the wonderful potential of the land right there in front of them, a place that's new and clean and promising, and she is determined to make it their home.