Amazing Dr Dover, The (SA)

Amazing Dr Dover, The (SA)

Added: Oct 19 2015

Treasure Island may seem a long way for the clinical order of a doctors waiting room but this is the story of the a man whose career spanned both the world of medicine and the life of a buccaneer, the amazing Dr Dover.

Dr Dover was a  man of medicine in search of travel and adventure in his life when he commissioned a ship and its pirate crew. Ill health among the crew forced them to land on an almost deserted. Here they discovered Alexander Selkirk who had been abandoned there to live alone for 5 years. 

This story is about Dr Dover and his cures for stomach illness and the story of Alexander Selkirk would have been forgotten if it had not been heard by author Daniel DeFoe  who at the time was 58 years old and plagued with ill health when he wrote his immortal story Robinson Crusoe.