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Aggie Wins Her Point

Aggie Wins Her Point

Broadcast: April 1, 1949
Added: May 27 2023

Aggie Carroll was a rough and tough frontier woman. She owned the biggest ranch in the territory, just outside of the town of Redford, but she spent practically all of her time running the Silver Bar cafe which she also owned. Everyone respected Aggie as a fair dealer, and they also respected the two guns which sagged in the gun belt around her hips. Aggie Carroll asked for neither help nor protection from any man, and even at the cafe she handled any unpleasant situations in her own way. This evening though, she wanted to talk to two of her friends - Dave and Hank - to ask that they would run the cafe for her, starting by the end of the week, for around a month. Aggie had lost her husband some years ago, and most didn't know that she had also had a son. When Bill was five years old, Aggie had sent him back east to live with her husband's people, determined to ensure he wouldn't end up as hardened as both her and William had been living in this country. Now, he's twenty-two years old, and wants to come out west to visit his Ma...