Adventures of Ace Williams, The

Adventures of Ace Williams, The

The Adventures of Ace Williams, was a 15 minute syndication series broadcast from 1937 to 1938, although at least two minutes of this is the introducing theme tune. Unfortunately there are few surviving episodes, so there is very little information about the stars and production. 

The stories were written by Dan Ryan, who registered the copyright in 1936, and were based around the adventures of Ace Williams, a British newsreel camera man who travels the world solving mysteries and crimes with his American friend, Dick Holt. 

The main characters in the 'Adventures of Ace Williams' are: Ace Williams, newsreel cameraman, Dick Holt, a 14 year old boy, Jane Parson, a lively 13 year old girl. Seaman Diggles, a comical cockney sailor, Mr. Parsons, an American millionaire, Steve Parker, a rival cameraman, and Don Carlos Domingo, an anarchist leader. 

Broadcast: 12th January 1938
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Broadcast: 14th January 1938
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