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Will Rogers

Here are ten of the best Will Rogers classic old time radio shows.

Will Rogers
All I Know Is What I Read In The Papers

Oklahoma philosopher Will Rogers insights in to what he has read in the newspapers.

This recording from 1923 is a little shaky.

Series: Will Rogers
Date: 1923
Duration: 02:37

Will Rogers
Will Rogers Nominates Henry Ford For President 1923
Will Rogers Nominates Henry Ford For President 1923.

Series: Will Rogers
Date: 1923
Duration: 03:00

Will Rogers
Pilgrims And Taxes
Philosopher raconteur Will Rogers gives his own blend of stand-up comedy with his view on pilgrims and taxes. At one point he says, “course we all know this government is costing us more than it’s worth but do you know of any other cheaper governments running around.”

Series: Will Rogers
Date: 1931
Duration: 06:33

Will Rogers
Bacon And Beans And Limousines
Probably Will Rogers's most famous radio talk was Bacon and Beans and Limousines, a piece he was asked to write on Unemployment Releif for President Hoover's Organization in 1931.

Series: Will Rogers
Date: October 1, 1931
Duration: 10:00

Will Rogers
Plans Just Don't Work

Oklahoma philosopher Will Rogers plays to a live audience his gentle humorous insights on plans.

Series: Will Rogers
Date: 1933
Duration: 02:00

Cavalcade Of America
Will Rogers

The Cavalcade of America brings you the story of popular cowboy writer and raconteur Will Rogers who charmed a nation with his friendly smile and simple homely truths.

You can click on the link for a full article on RUSC about Will Rogers.

Series: Cavalcade Of America
Date: December 19, 1938
Duration: 29:36

Hallmark Playhouse
Autobiography of Will Rogers

Today's Hallmark Playhouse brings to you the Autobiography of Will Rogers. In this special broadcast, James Hilton and his guests, along with Will Rogers' son, will share with you the pleasure of hearing again some of the wisest and wittiest words that have been spoken in our lifetime. This is the story of the cowboy and entertainer of whom it was said, "he never met a man he didn't like."

Series: Hallmark Playhouse
Date: February 23, 1950
Duration: 30:21

Will Rogers
Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day
Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day is the only song Will Rogers, cowboy humorist from Oklahoma, ever recorded and he only did it as a joke!

Series: Will Rogers
Duration: 01:50