Fear That Creeps Like A Cat, The Ep 01 of 20

Fear That Creeps Like A Cat, The Ep 01 of 20

Broadcast: 3rd October 1949
Added: Oct 18 2004
I Love A Mystery, a Carlton E. Morse novel featuring Jack, Doc and Reggie specialists in crime and adventure, now following the North West trail of a missing millionaire, a killer cougar and the phantom castle.

The three comrades Jack, Doc and Reggie are at the jumping off place in their new adventure, the new adventure consisting of a manhunt with a million dollars at stake. They’ve been assigned by a big insurance company to bring back alive Alexander Archer, declared legally dead by order of the court. The court says he’s dead, the insurance company say’s he’s alive and the three comrades have been assigned to the task of proving that the insurance company is right.