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Zenger Trial, The

Zenger Trial, The

Broadcast: December 1, 1955
Added: Aug 23 2015

There are those who will tell you that the trial of John Zenger was a simple matter, concerning freedom of the press. But it was no simple matter - not in its day. Not when we leave our twentieth century vantage point, and go to the New York City of 1734, when there was a brush field just east of the present Broadway, where quail were killed in the Autumn. The New York City of 10,000 people, of whom 1700 were slaves, a place of small shops and stores - a village place. We will take you there and seek out the story. Going now to two lawyers who hurry along a dirt street, rushing along, for they have heard that the printer John Peter Zenger has been arrested by the British Governor - and Zenger is a friend.