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Your Move Mr Ellers

Your Move Mr Ellers

Broadcast: December 30, 1976
Added: Dec 30 2013

You are acquainted of course with the game of chess so absorbing a game of skill that Thomas Fuller wrote "when a man's house is on fire it's time to break off chess." If you play the game you understand what he meant. Luck plays no part in it, mistakes do, caused by the superior strategy of your opponent. You're attacked, you retreat and form your defences for the king. Can he be saved from checkmate?

Life is like that isn't it? Another costly gem has been stolen from the showroom of Maudley and Son. Gentle Mr Ellers is distressed. Had Jeff Powers made a mistake or had he been out manoeuvred?  Tim Whelan, an insurance investigator wants to know when he finds the missing diamond in the bottom of Jeff's cigarette packet.