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You Owe Me A Death

You Owe Me A Death

Broadcast: February 11, 1976
Added: Sep 07 2014

Is there any place more fitting to begin a ghost story than a graveyard? No, the Avondale Gardens would never use such a stark and grisly term, for this is the finest and most elegant cemetery in the mid-west according to their brochures. Only the finest, and might I add, richest, families bring their dear, departed to these peaceful grounds and manicured lawns. No swirling mist envelopes the funeral procession which is now taking place. The sun shines brightly on the mourners, and yet something in the face of Irene and Daniel Weston would chill the blood of any passer-by as they stand at the newly dug grave and solemnly stare at the white headstone...