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You Could Look It Up

You Could Look It Up

Broadcast: May 12, 1949
Added: May 10 2014

Grandpa is telling his grandson Jamie tales about the old times of baseball - especially the time when Pearl DeMonville played, who was a three foot midget from Stromboli in Italy. It was towards the end of September, Grandpa was chief trainer and Squawks McGrew was manager. Their team had been leading the league for several games, but their recent form had resulted in them dropping right down the table. On their way to St Louis, stopping off at Columbus, Ohio for an exhibition game against the world champions, Grandpa couldn't bear to watch their team being annihilated, so he sneaked back to the hotel, where Squawks McGrew was also hiding out, and it was here where they met Pearl...

**Quality Warning** There is a little distortion at the beginning, but this clears up at around two minutes into the show.