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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Broadcast: 29th April 1977
Added: Mar 07 2014

Mr Earnshaw, the master of Wuthering Heights, was a kindly man, with a reputation for adopting waifs and strays. Over the years he returned from London or Liverpool with surprising additions to the family. One was Nellie Dean, who became the Earnshaw's trusted housekeeper, but the most upsetting arrival to the household, was of a dirty, black haired boy who seemed more animal than human. He was an abandoned child, who Mr Earnshaw had picked up from the streets of Liverpool. Christening the boy Heathcliff, Mr Earnshaw wished for him to grow up as a brother to his two children Catherine and Hindley. However, as he grew older, tensions grew between him and his adopted brother Hindley, who had hated him from the very beginning...