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Wreck Of The Maid Of Athens

Wreck Of The Maid Of Athens

Broadcast: November 30, 1953
Added: Aug 16 2014

Autolite presents the first radio adaptation of one of the most amazing human documents ever written, the personal diary of Emily Wooldridge 1869 – 1870 which she called The Wreck of the Maid of Athens.

The book was first published in 1953. 84 years ago there sailed from the port of London the brigantine Maid of Athens. Sixty-some days later off the cold southern tip of South America the ship was afire and sinking in heavy seas. Aboard her along with the necessary officers and crew was the wife of the master Captain Richard Wooldridge. Her name was Emily (played by Agnes Moorehead) and this is her story.

Produced and Directed by: Elliott Lewis