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World With A Fence

World With A Fence

Broadcast: 1st December 1948
Added: Dec 02 2007
Tim Striker came from one of Boston’s wealthiest families but accepted everyone as an equal. While a senior at manning College Johnny was Tim’s roommate. That year a new girl came to manning named Janey Pearce and Johnny fell in love with her and wanted to invite her to the senior dance but Tim had already invited her. Love conquers and Johnny promises her the world with a fence round it. Janey and Johnny get married but times are hard and money is tight. Tim offers to lend $1000 to Janey but only if she realises that Johnny is a weakling and divorce him and marry him but Janey has always loved Johnny and their house with the fence around it is Janey’s world and all she has ever wanted.

Host: Frank Lehey, Notra Dame Coach