Witchcraft Stopped Episode 21of 26

Witchcraft Stopped Episode 21of 26

Broadcast: 3rd August 1935
Added: May 31 2005
In the village of the leopard men the professor and his men saw Ifabie a beautiful native girl apparently transform herself in to a leopard. This girl known also as the witch of the moon has peculiar golden skin, yellow eyes and is a mistress of the art of hypnotism. One of the warriors jealous of the interest Jack has aroused in Ifabie persuades the Witch Doctor to cast a spell of death on the boy. The Witch Doctor fashions an image of Jack performs a mysterious ceremony and the warrior Adacko begins piercing the image slowly with a needle working ever toward the heart. In the hut Jack complains of pains, which creep, down his right sideā€¦