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Wings Of The Navy

Wings Of The Navy

Broadcast: October 7, 1940
Added: Nov 14 2021

George Brent, John Payne and Olivia De Havilland reprise their original 1939 Warner Brothers Picture roles in this saga of two brothers, both daredevils and both in love with the same girl.

Arlington Cemetery, where great men of America lay at rest, is a national shrine dedicated to those whose lives were given in service to their country. On a bright spring morning, a crowd has gathered to pay tribute to the memory of another hero, William Harrington, Admiral, United States Navy. Uniformed officers stand stiffly at attention, their eyes on the speaker platform. Among them are Jerry and Cass Harrington, sons of the man to be honored. Far overhead, a fleet of airplane soars in battle formation, a jagged spearhead against the fleecy clouds.