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White Ghost, The

White Ghost, The

Broadcast: 1st April 1976
Added: Jan 17 2014

Businessman Donald Taylor was a married man whose wife was extremely happy with her life with her kind, considerate, gentle husband but what she didn't know was that he was having an affair. His mistress, Gertrude "Trudy" Nelson, called him at his home and threatened to kill herself and write a letter to the newspaper if he didn't come over and see her tonight. He did go and see her, angry at her threat and told her that it was the end of their relationship, that he had no intentions of leaving his wife and that all the promises he had given her were nothing but lies.

She told him that she was in love with him and if she couldn't have him she would kill him and then kill herself. However the gun didn't fire and Donald tussled with her for the gun causing it to go off and accidentally kill Trudy.

Nobody knew about Donald and Trudy, he was careful and thought that he was free of her but when the phone rang the next morning it was the ghostly voice of Trudy taunting him.