White Elephant, The

White Elephant, The

Broadcast: 28th October 1951
Added: Sep 29 2009

It is January 16th 1950, the time 6:28pm. A freight train just outside of a west Texas town gains speed and rolls through the gathering dust. Inside a gondola car a hobo crouches in the corner as the brakeman comes toward him. As the brakeman tries to throw him off a scuffle ensues and the hobo jumps off.

At 2:55am on the morning following the freight train incident a rancher named Banker noticed a small coupe parked in the shoulder of the road with Okalahoma licence plates. Banker turned his spotlights on the car and saw a man slumped down on the drivers seat dead. The Texas Rangers are called in to investigate.

After the story you can hear the Texas Ranger's Prayer by Captain Pierre Bernard Hill.