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Whistling In Dixie

Whistling In Dixie

Broadcast: 17th May 1943
Added: May 16 2011
Whistling In Dixie is the story of the radio detective The Fox. Wally Benton, played by Red Skelton, is known to millions of radio listeners as The Fox, a super detective combining all the best features of Sherlock Holmes and Superman. His eagle eyes can detect a flea on a black cat in a dark room. His fox like ears can pick up the sound of a feather falling in a pale of mud a block away and so his listeners believe him to be the bravest, greatest detective who ever lived.

However Wally Benton is fed up of his radio program and wants to solve a real life mystery. He gets the chance when his fiancé Carol gets a wire from her old friend in Fort Dixon who wants him to come and solve the murder of her old sweetheart Martin.

Announcer: Truman Bradley