What A Change In Hilda

What A Change In Hilda

Broadcast: May 6, 1976
Added: Oct 31 2014

Everyone wants more out of life. Did you ever meet anyone who was totally satisfied? The more we have, the more we want it seems. But then there are those who have resigned themselves to mediocrity. They know they'll go no further, and so they settle down to what Henry David Thoreau called 'lives of quiet desperation'. 

Hilda Turner is just such a woman. At thirty she is plain, unglamorous, and married to a man who loves her, and whom she loves, but there is little money from his taxi cab job, and her salary at Hobbs department store just about, but not quite, makes up the difference between the red and the black each month. She doesn't really regret or resent her life - it just bores her...