Walter O'Keefe And The Lone Ranger

Walter O'Keefe And The Lone Ranger

Broadcast: January 7, 1948
Added: Jan 31 2023

Bing Crosby opens the show with the song With A hey And A Hi And A Ho Ho Ho. Next song is from the musical Good Times, sung by Bing it's The Best Things In Life Are Free. This lovely light-hearted musical show this week includes that wonderful whimsical wag Walter O'Keefe who after a little banter along with Bing sings a calypso he has written, which is A Saga of Al Jolson. Next Brace Beemer as The Lone Ranger is introduced with his famous theme tune and the three of them introduced by Ken Carpenter do a parody of The Lone Ranger show! 

Bing sings the Irving Berlin song Kate. Then final song of the show is How Soon.