Walter Kingsford

Walter Kingsford

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Role: Old Time Radio Star
Born: 20 September 1882
Old Time Radio, Redhill, Surrey, England, UK
Died: 2 February 1958, North Hollywood, California, USA

Walter Kingsford (20 September 1882 – 2 February 1958) was a British stage, film and television actor born in Redhill, Surrey, England. He was born Walter Pearce and had several sisters. One of them was Kate Ethel Pearce, who later married Thomas Locke and emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s.

He began his acting career on the London stage, before moving to Hollywood, California for a prolific film career in supporting parts. He had a recurring role as Dr. P. Walter Carew in the popular Dr. Kildare (and Dr. Gillespie) film series. He also had numerous television appearances in the 1950s.

Kingsford died in Hollywood in 1958.


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Broadcast: 27th July 1943
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