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Wake Up And Live

Wake Up And Live

Broadcast: 21st February 1944
Added: Mar 18 2012
Wake Up And Live is a delightful comedy that made a hit on the screen for Twentieth Century Fox. Anybody who reads the news or listens to the radio knows Monty Hackett. Monty is easily the nations foremost gossiper and authority in general on the private lives of our prominent people. A harsh word from Monty is as lethal as a blockbuster a kind word like money in the bank. Millions read his column and millions more listen to him on the radio where right now he is concluding his daily broadcast with of course the usual daily poke at his friend Charlie Standish…

Also starring: Marilyn Maxwell and James Dunn, Charles Seel, Bea Benaderet, John McIntire, Cathy Lewis, Alice Monk, Leo Cleary, Arthur Q. Bryan, Tyler McVey, Verna Felton

Produced by: Cecil B DeMille