Visitor The

Visitor The

Broadcast: January 18, 1956
Added: Jan 17 2021

This is a story about a visitor from Mars, the last living Martian and the important message he has for the people on earth. Dorothy Warenskjold is the hostess of the show and concludes with this message.

"Although there was a lot of fiction in tonight's play there were some things in it that definitely were not fiction. Remember the visitor's message, there are forces working to destroy you and your world? That part tragically was true. These forces are at work and they are trying to exclude God from world activities, trying to replace him with science and states and run the world according to their own godless plans. We must wage  a personal war against these forces, against the communists, the secularists, and see that they make no further inroads in this country. We can do it by keeping God in the home through family prayer. For the home is the basic, most important unit of the nation and family prayer by bringing God in to the home and making him a part of the family will strengthen the family and therefore strengthen the nation. For as the family that prays together stays together, so too a world at prayer is a world at peace".