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Virginian, The

Virginian, The

Broadcast: 2nd November 1936
Added: Jul 25 2010
Gary Cooper stars in this western as foreman of a cattle ranch. He is well known as The Virginian. He meets his old friend Steve a cattle herder who he regards highly. However against his advise Steve gets involved with bad man Trampas in cattle rustling. The price for cattle rustling is high and usually ends in a hanging. When the Virginian catches his old friend rustling he has to make the grave decision to hang him according to the law of the west. Then he goes after Trampas and ends up being shot but his horse takes him to the home of new schoolmarm Molly whom the Virginian has great affection towards. Molly looks after him until he is fit and well but then Molly is shocked to learn that the Virginian allowed his friend Steve to be hung.