RUSC Radio - 4th July

Vicki Volante

Show Count: 3
Series Count: 5
Role: Old Time Radio Star
Old Time Radio
Cisco Kid, TheCisco Kid, The
Show Count: 337
Broadcast History: 2 October 1942 to 14 February 1945, and 1946-1956
Cast: Vicki Volante, Jackson Beck, Louis Sorin, Bryna Raeburn, Jack Mather, Harry Lang
Director: Jock MacGregor
Producer: J C Lewis
Western Drama mainly for the young ones or maybe just the young at heart. I say the young at heart, because The Cisco Kid and his likeable but simple partner Pancho were a couple of lovable rogues and because there was usually a lovely senorita around in every episode who fell madly in love with Cisco, there may well have been an element of lady listeners included in the audience rating figures.
Broadcast: 4th November 1974
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Broadcast: 26th December 1976
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