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Vanishing Lady, The

Vanishing Lady, The

Broadcast: 7th April 1957
Added: Feb 11 2011

The story you are about to hear first appeared in the pages of the Detroit Free Press in the summer of 1889 at the time the Paris Worlds Fair was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the fall of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution. It reappeared in the London Daily Mail in 1911. Two years later Marie Belloc Lowndes used it as the basis of her novel The End of Her Honeymoon and sometime after that it became the storyline of another novel She Who Was Elenor Cass by Lawrence Rising. As recently as 1951 it cropped up again as a British motion picture So Long At The Fair. It is a hardy tale, a sort of modern folk tale. It has never been proved, it has never been disproved and one can only wonder if in the dread secret archives of the police judiciary in Paris the real facts are recorded in fading ink on yellowing paper locked forever from a curious and intrigued world. No one knows but we can guess and this we guess is what might have happened to lovely young Cynthia Winship and her mother as they arrived at their hotel one beautiful summer day, the day the Paris World Fair opened…

Produced and directed by: William N. Robeson

Excellent versions of this story were also broadcast by Escape in 1948 and 1950.