Unguarded Hour, The

Unguarded Hour, The

Broadcast: 4th December 1944
Added: Dec 02 2007

The Unguarded Hour presented by Lux Radio Theater stars the same actors as in the 1936 great film Classic. It is a dramatic story concerning Lady Helen Dudley Dearden played by Loretta Young who tries to protect her husband from a past relationship with a young woman. Sir Alan Dearden played by Robert Montgomery is a celebrated London Barrister who is about to be chosen as Attorney General and his wife Lady Helen is being blackmailed by Frank Lewis. Lewis demands £2000 from her stating that his wife has some love letters, which had been written by Sir Alan to her before he met lady Helen. Lewis arranges to meet Lady Helen in Dover and while there Lady Helen passes a gentleman on the cliff calling for Annie and telling Annie not to go too near the edge of the cliff. It transpires that the lady fell off the cliff and the man, her husband, is being tried for her murder. Sir Alan is to be the prosecutor for the crown and Lady Helen finds herself in a difficult situation as the witness that has not come forward. Meantime Lewis is also planning to blackmail Sir Alan.

Roland Young plays the part of "Bunny" a lawyer and great friend of the Dearden’s in this baffling and exciting mystery with its genius ending.