Two Moods From The Past

Two Moods From The Past

Broadcast: 7th March 1949
Starring: Jan Miner, John Larkin
Added: Mar 30 2009

Two Moods From The Past is two 15-minute stores, the first is Passion In The Desert written by Honore De Balzac starring John Larkin. Ten years ago while serving under the emperor Napoleon during his expedition in upper Egypt Pierre Martin had an adventure so fantastic that he has never told it to anyone. The memory of it makes him both proud and ashamed. During the campaign he was captured by the Arabs who took him deep in to the cavern of their camp and held him prisoner there. Because there was no place a man could go to even if he did get the idea the Arabs guarded him lightly. One night he escaped grabbed a rifle a dagger and a horse and rode off in to the desert…

The second stars Jan Miner as the little sister in The Story of Ming Hee author unknown.