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Two For The Road

Two For The Road

Broadcast: 8th November 1958
Added: Nov 11 2011

Two actors on their way from New York to Hollywood pick up a girl along the way. The girl attracts the attention of the police then after stealing the men’s wallets she accuses the men of kidnapping her and then disappears. The two men are then arrested and accused of a bank robbery in Memphis in which the teller is murdered. They apparently fit the description and the missing girl fits the description of the driver of the getaway car. The two men have trouble convincing the police that they are not the bank robbers and have never met the girl until that night when she talked them in to giving her a lift. Their only hope is for the police to find the girl and for her to come clean but there is no chance of that when she is later found dead.

produced, directed and introduced by: William N Robson