RUSC Radio - 4th July
Two For The Money

Two For The Money

Broadcast: 1st January 1945
Starring: Bob Anderson
Added: Jan 01 2009
It’s strange isn’t it how a man can live his life through several decades, simply, quietly, in peaceful obscurity and suddenly through one small incident find his world turned in to chaos. For instance there was Tom Barlow who lived with his wife Ellen in the small seacoast village of Marblehead and whose whole life had been spent as the lowly driver of the town courier combination taxi, delivery truck and tow car. To everyone in Marblehead he was just old Tom until that night a few months ago, a raining stormy night it was with a feeling in the air of foreboding and the man who came to Tom just as he was getting ready to go home to dinner with Ellen and Judy his daughter wanted to be driven out to Guilford Inlet. It was no pleasant trip on a night like that but a fare was a fare and Tom started out. Half way there they had to cross the inlet and Tom was beginning to worry whether the bridge might be washed out.