Turn Of The Screw, The

Turn Of The Screw, The

Broadcast: September 17, 1949
Added: Sep 05 2014

Many claim that this tale is the most eerie and harrowing that was ever written. The story is told by a man named Douglas, who, on a dreary November evening was sitting about the fire with some friends. They had gotten onto the subject of horror stories, and Douglas for his part had remained silent, listening to the others. But, when the long pendulum clock told that it was past midnight, Douglas left the room, and then returned to the group a few moment's later with an ancient brown envelope. Whilst the other's watched in silence, he opened it and drew out a manuscript written in pen and ink in a dainty feminine hand. The pages were thin and yellowed with age, and as Douglas stood with his back to the fire, the light shone through the paper making it glow with a light which seemed almost its own...

This is the favorite story of Edgar Bergen.