Top Secret

Top Secret

Broadcast: May 22, 1951
Added: Sep 02 2021

This is the true story of General Mark Clark. It begins in London in October1942 a dark hour of World War Two. A small group gathered with General Clark at a secret meting behind guarded doors for a briefing of a secret mission calling for a rendezvous on the French North African coast with the aim to learn the disposition of the French military and naval establishments in North Africa and prevent action by them against the American allies. Some of their top men are on our side but unfortunately there were numerous others who supported the Vichy government. General Clark succeeded in persuading the French to defy the Vichy government and fight alongside the allies. It was one of the decisive factors in beating the enemy and more than that this mission helped save the lives of thousands of Americans who would otherwise have died on the beachhead during our decisive invasion of North Africa in the Second World War.

Based on an episode from the book Calculated Risk by General Mark W. Clark.