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Too Many Mrs Rogers

Too Many Mrs Rogers

Broadcast: 9th October 1948
Added: Nov 02 2007
The Lion sent Jeff Regan to a funeral parlor run by two guys named Hinkle & Hinkle. They banked him off to a blond Mrs Rogers who wants protection taking her husband’s body to Lahore. He’s being lowered with a star sapphire on his finger and everybody is scrambling for it. Victor Rogers was a collector of long legged ladies and the blond turns out to be just a single in the crowd scene. There are two other Mrs Rogers, a brunette and a redhead and Regan can’t tell one from the other without a program. The next thing he knows is the blond is dead, he’s holding the murder weapon and has an alibi as full of as many holes as a piece of cheesecloth. There’s no star sapphire, no body and homicide is pounding away at him.