To Have And To Have Not

To Have And To Have Not

Broadcast: October 14, 1946
Added: Aug 15 2014
To Have and Have Not is a story of intrigue and action with Lauren Bacall in the sultry and romantic roll that won her instantaneous acclaim. The story begins on the island of Martinique where Harry Morgan played by Bogart has just brought his boat into port. Mr. Johnson owes him $835 for 16 days hire of the boat and the fishing tackle he lost overboard. He says he’ll pay up tomorrow but Johnson has other plans for tomorrow. Morgan discovers he has tickets on a plane leaving tomorrow when he stops Marie Browning after spotting her taking Johnson’s wallet.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall reprise their 1944 film roles.

Producer: William Keighley

This recording starts with some hiss but this does wear off after a short while.