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Time On My Hands

Time On My Hands

Broadcast: August 26, 1945
Added: Nov 02 2015

This is the strange story of a man who was down and out and was willing to do anything for money. 

It began on a stormy night last September and homeless Joe Martin  would have sold his soul to the devil for a bed for the night. He finds a fountain pen on the floor and takes it to a pawn shop in the hope of getting some money for it. The pawn shopkeeper is not interested in the pen but is willing to take five years of Joseph Martin's life in exchange for five thousand dollars. Joe takes the deal and begins to live his life like a wealthy man and within months he spends all the money and is once again down and out. Believing he has plenty of time left in his life he returns to the pawn shop and sells another five years of his life to discover he no longer has any time on his hands...