RUSC Radio - 4th July
Ticket To Paris

Ticket To Paris

Broadcast: 20 February 1949
Starring: Various
Added: Jun 13 2001
The young attractive dark-haired girl looked out through the dirty windowpane of the old bookshop. She watched the rain as it fell on Olive Street. Then a few minutes after 10:00 she locked the shop door, turned out the light, and stood for a moment in the darkness. The sound of the thunder rang in the distance. She rubbed her arms and shuddered and then hurried through the darkened bookstore. She would always live in terror of the dark, of even the next moment so long as one man remained alive, the man who was living only to kill her. She had been forced into the back streets of obscurity to escape him. And although she despised this grim little bookshop where she worked for the old woman named Hattie Simmons, the job paid for her keep and provided her with more safety than she could find anywhere else. As she reached the door to her room at the back of the shop, she stopped and listened. There was someone in the room, searching the darkness. She threw open the door and switched on the light.

Reviewed by Kitty