Thoroughbreds Always Come Through

Thoroughbreds Always Come Through

Broadcast: 19th June 1940
Starring: Frank Lovejoy
Added: Feb 08 2013

"Reaping down upon the underworld to smash ganglands comes a friend of the unfortunate an enemy of criminals, the mysterious all powerful character who is a problem to the police. A crusader for law, in reality Dan Garrett a rookie patrolman loved by everyone but suspected by none of being the Blue Beetle. As the Blue beetle he hides behind a strange mask and a suit of impenetrable blue chain armour flexible as silk but stronger than steel."

Horseracing is called the sport of kings but common people enjoy it also. Enormous sums of money are bet each year on horse races. Enormous sums of money are won and lost each year on horse races and where enormous sums of money are involved clever crooks will be ever scheming to divert some of that money in to their dishonest hands…